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Mingyuan Wu

I am a 1st-year Ph.D. student at HKU and under the supervision of Prof. Heming Cui and Prof. Yuqun Zhang. My research interests focus on program analysis, security and bug detection/repair. Currently, I have pubblished 5 papers in ICSE and ASE, and four of them are the first author. Please contact me if you have any concerns about my work or want to discuss reseach topics!

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I'm interested in developing tools to auto detect bugs in multiple platforms. Developing tools for repairting the defects also draw my attention. Currently I am focusing on fuzzing, domain fuzzing and general purpose fuzzing.

Conference Papers:

  1. One Fuzzing Strategy to Rule Them All
    Mingyuan Wu, Ling Jiang, Jiahong Xiang, Yanwei Huang, Heming Cui, Lingming Zhang, Yuqun Zhang
    ICSE 2022 | paper

  2. Evaluating and Improving Neural Program-Smoothing-based Fuzzing
    Mingyuan Wu, Ling Jiang, Jiahong Xiang, Yuqun Zhang, Guowei Yang, Huixin Ma, Sen Nie, Shi Wu, Heming Cui, Lingming Zhang
    ICSE 2022 | paper

  3. History-Driven Test Program Synthesis for JVM Testing
    Yingquan Zhao, Zan Wang, Junjie Chen, Mengdi Liu, Mingyuan Wu, Yuqun Zhang, Lingming Zhang
    ICSE 2022 | paper

  4. Simulee: Detecting CUDA Synchronization Bugs via Memory-Access Modeling
    Mingyuan Wu, Yicheng Ouyang, Husheng Zhou, Lingming Zhang, Cong Liu, Yuqun Zhang
    ICSE 2020 | paper

  5. Automating CUDA Synchronization via Program Transformation
    Mingyuan Wu, Lingming Zhang, Cong Liu, Shin Hwei Tan, Yuqun Zhang
    ASE 2019 | paper

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